I Quit!

I quit praying and lost my friend.
I quit reading and no longer heard his voice.
I quit raising my hands.
I quit holding on to hope.
I quit trusting.
I quit singing.
I quit writing.
I quit loving.
I quit living.

I quit running for I had no where I could go.
I quit blaming others and it was my fault anyway.
I quit fighting those who loved me.
I quit believing satan’s lies.
I quit holding on to guilt and shame.
I quit trying to medicate my pain.
I quit being silent.
I quit doubting.
I quit believing that my acts of worship had to be felt first.
I quit leaning on myself.
I quit hating.
I quit dying.



3 thoughts on “I Quit!

  1. Bill Hawkins

    Can you do that? Can you just quit and make it work? It is so hard to quit. May God help us all to quit and rest – wait on the Lord trustingly.

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