You Inspire Me!

What an amazing God we serve!

Did you know that God is not altered by my sin, my rantings and railings against Him, my cries and desperation? He is not changed!

He responds. He loves. He heals. But He isn’t different.

We are altered by moods and circumstances. We change depending on how we are addressed, who is addressing us, what they are requesting.

Not God!

In Isaiah, he mocked the Israelites for praying to gods of wood and stone. These Gods needed taken care of. They first had to be made, then carried to their place, then set up. They could do nothing. Our idols today are no better. Clothes and cars, money and fame, self, these can do nothing to fix my life. We throw our lives into making them, into saving them, washing and protecting them because they will not, can not take care of themselves.

Not my King!

And then, to make it more amazing, You talk to me. You sing to me and over me. You whisper in my ear. You love me.

I love You, Lord.


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