I worked really hard yesterday. Today, I hurt.

Was it worth it? I would say, yes. I made some money. I am taking care of my family.

I did good work, at least, I tried to. And I sought to honor my King. That makes it worth it.

But it’s not enough.

Jesus endured hours of suffering on the cross, not to mention, the thorns, the beatings. He took on Himself my sin, my shame and guilt.

I can’t repay this debt i owe. No one can. I can’t earn His love, his pride or joy. I’m His and that is all that matters.

But out of that comes a desire in me to live, to sacrifice, to lay my life down. Out of the love that we share, I want to work till it hurts, serve till it hurts, sing till I can’t sing anymore, play until my fingers, my heart, bleeds.

Not out of guilt, not out of seeking an identity, but just to love Him back.

Doesn’t even hurt anymore.


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