Oh, My God

I was listening to the radio recently and heard a person use this phrase, repeatedly.

I’m not meaning to disparage the person, a style of music, or a type of media. I have even heard good, Christian people using this phrase. What I would want to point out is the inappropriate theme of this usage.

“Oh, my God! Save my child, return the prodigal to Your presence.”

“Oh, my God! Cancer has reared its head in my life. Bring the healing that only You can bring.”

“Oh, my God! Forgive my sin. Restore what satan and my flesh would destroy.”

These seem to me to be more appropriate uses of those words than the thrill one experiences over a fresh pizza, or a song on the radio.

And in these dire times, these last days, what we need so much is more who are seeking Him, calling out to Him, falling on their knees and giving their whole lives to Him.


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