What’s Up?

This is a question that is asked when what is really meant is, “how are you,” or, “what are you doing?” When I am greeted this way I often respond with, “birds, planes, treetops.”

I asked myself this question just this morning. In my life, what is up?

I used to be a runner. I still consider myself one, I just don’t practice right now. When I would run, I had to remind myself to not look at the pavement in front of me. Just the physical attitude of raising your head can change a tough run into a good one.

I used to train horses. When concentrating on the horse, I would drop my chin, look at my hands. But the alteration in my posture distorts the communication between the horse and rider. It throws off my balance.

So I’m asking you, “what’s up?”

Look forward to your day, knowing that GOD goes before you. Look at Him because He promised to never leave you. Look around, there is beauty to be discovered. Look up, He has promised good things for us.


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