Life Goes On

I will probably never understand why my brain does some things.

This morning I woke up with John Mellencamp running through my head. Permit me to rant a bit now.

“Life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone.”

This song sets forth the argument that after sixteen, life just goes downhill. It seems to make the claim that the best sex you will ever experience comes outside of marriage and somewhere near a “Tastee-Freez”. It actually admonishes people to, “hold on to sixteen as long as you can.”

Now I know, this is now an oldy. But has this heart, this spirit invaded our culture, our churches? Stay young, stay beautiful. The old are in decline. The youth of today are the ones that carry the relevant message of our day.

I love keeping things fresh, alive, especially in worship. I love the energy, the vitality of youth.

I am not dead yet. I am just older. My voice still needs to be heard. My life should bring encouragement and hope to,those that follow after me. I am still fresh, energetic, vital.

If I choose to be.


One thought on “Life Goes On

  1. Yes, you are and so am I (although right now I don’t feel fresh or vital). There has been that feeling and movement for awhile now that says the older you are the less valuable you are. That’s not what the Bible says. Young men are supposed to learn from older men and the same goes for women. God can continue to use us long after mankind has given up on us, but MORE important and it must be remembered by some of us who see service as the ultimate expression of love for our King. He loves us tremendously when we can do nothing (a lesson I am learning now). He loves us because He created us and greatly desires a real relationship with us. There is NOTHING we can DO to make Him love us more. I know you know all that, but sometimes a reminder is good for me and I hope for you. I love you, Matthew. You have GREAT worth to the Father!

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