My Glory and Joy

Many of you don’t know me personally, have never met me. I’m not impressive. I’m not tall. I’m not overly short, either. I have brown hair, hazel eyes, a scruffy face. I’m not skinny, nor obese. I think I am intelligent, but not frighteningly so. I am artistic but at a level that really anyone who tried at all could attain.

So what is the glory and joy of a person like me?

What is the glory and joy of any of us?

Riches, power, something, anything centered on me, on you is not worthy of the title of Glory and Joy. My God could be given that title, but it feels inappropriate. He is certainly glory and joy in and of Himself. But in giving that monicker, we claim some part in shaping that in the person. I can’t form or advise or encourage that in Him.

Paul called the Colossians his glory and joy. That makes me righteously envious. I think it is something that God puts in each of us. We were designed to be vessels, conduits through which His life passes to this world. We should seek out those we can pour in to, those that we can give to.

Come to think of it, you who read this are my glory and joy.

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “My Glory and Joy

  1. And I come and drink from the water that flows from within you; it refreshes, renews, and fills me up until I overflow. Then I let that river flow out to those I’ve been giving and the cycle continues as it should. If more of us would stop building dams and let what God has giving us flow freely we wouldn’t have so many people dieing of thirst. The gifts we have been given are meant to build up and encourage one another and most importantly point the way to the Lord. So let us pray that more of us will have the fortitude (like yourself) to remove our light from underneath the basket.

    He told them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.
    Luke 10:2 NIV

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