Happy Birthday!

I won’t say her age.

But I wish my wife a happy birthday.

For twenty four years we have walked together as man and wife. Hardly a picture of the perfect, happy, Christian couple. We have struggled with finances, kids, tempers, addictions, betrayal, so much pain. But, we love.

Putting us together is like the proverbial round peg in a square hole. And I’m pretty sure we still don’t fit. Though, I think I’m a little more squarish and she might be a little rounder.

Well, truthfully, we’re both a little rounder now but that’s another blog.

Somethings about us seem like they will never change. We will always argue, badly. We will always want our own way more than God’s. But, as I look back over the years, I would never have guessed we would have made it this far. I would not have guessed that we would have made it at all.

So, here is to more years! Here’s to not giving up. Here’s to a wife who stands strong, who holds tight.

Here’s to the God who can guide us through!


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday, Char! I’m sorry I missed the actual day. I am so thankful for you in Matthew’s life. You are a true woman of God. I am glad for your steadfastness over the years in situations that few would have put up with. I am proud of the man of God my brother has become and I know you, as his Godly wife, have been part of that. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your faithfulness and love over the years. I truly love you. And I love you, too, precious Matthew!

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