“A stitch in time…”

Poor Richard never understood that the joy is in the journey.

There are two messages that I want my life to convey. Two simple messages that, if I could roll everything I have written, everything I have said, everything I have lived cleaned of all the dross of fluff and banter, purified of all confusion and folly, two things I would want you to hear.

God is great. Enjoy your life.

God is amazing and capable of so much more than we give Him credit for. He loves so much deeper than we can fathom. He believes in us and our potential for good.

It is man’s wisdom that says, “don’t fail.” It is satan that accuses every curve and pothole in the road of our lives. It is often our own heart that wishes we were someone else, someone better.

Yes, a stitch in time will save nine. If you don’t sin, don’t fail, it is better for you. But you will fail. To myself I say, you will fail. Do not give up. Do not hide from God. Do not listen to the voice of hate. Look to Jesus. Watch Him work and heal, fix all the brokenness. Laugh at the mistakes and draw close to God’s heart. He will reveal Himself in you.

Beauty, joy will grow. You just may have some more “stitching ” to do.


3 thoughts on ““A stitch in time…”

  1. Amen, and thank you brother! Your messages from God are always on time. I needed that…yes once again I needed reminding and encouragement. Thank you for letting our Lord use you to reach and uplift others.

    May God continue to pour blessing on you and yours!

  2. It’s hard to know what to write after this. Thank you, Matthew, once again. My prayer as I am going through my time of deep hurt right now is to come out of it fully ‘stitched’, polished as pure gold, and a vessel the Lord can use for His glory. Thanks so much, Matthew.

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