“Though I walk through the valley…”

Light can often feel so dim.

I went down to wake my son up this morning. He lives down in our basement and when it is dark outside, it is even darker in his room. I carried the flashlight with me. The light helped so much with seeing the path in front of me, but it makes it harder to see what’s surrounding you.

When we walk in faith, it can be like that. The way seems clear in front of you but fears can surround you that remain undefined. You can’t see them or understand them and if you try, they become even more fearful.

We’ve all had the experience of a beast or ghost that turns out to be nothing more than a tree branch or a shirt on a hanger.

Hebrews talks about how we should “fix our eyes on Jesus.” Today, right now, I will choose to look only at Him. I will not let the unknown distract me from the plans He has for me. And, I will not trade His power for my own self-protection.

Today, I will trust.


3 thoughts on ““Though I walk through the valley…”

  1. I was doing a word study on faith (my pastor had me studying 2 Peter 1:3-8) and as I was looking up the meaning of faith, it said it was simply trusting God. Sounded to simple–not the depth I feel faith to be, although, at the same time, I do realize my diffficulty with simply trusting almost anyone and, unfortunately, there is no FULLY trusting God. I had looked up Hebrews 12:2 (it’s one of my favorite verses) and in seeking a way to understand faith fully I turned the verse around a little for me. I WILL fix my eyes on my Beloved, the author and perfector of my faith (it is because of His great love for me that I even began to trust Him and HE will perfect that trust). For the joy of knowing Him, I will endure this that I don’t understand–the cross, the thorn in my side. I despise the shame of my own sin and weaknesses that would continually strive to constantly keep me from my Jesus. And I am confident that one day (soon?)I will be in Heaven with my Love and NOTHING will EVER be able to seperate us again for ALL of eternity!

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