On the Roof!

It was going to be a hot one. The sun was shining with very little wind. I was eighty feet up the air, blowing dust and debris off in preparation for what we had to do that day. The noise of the blower and my distance from everyone probably allowed me to feel free to start singing.

And this is the song that I sang.

At first, it struck me as strange to be singing the words, “Holy Spirit you are welcome here.” I wasn’t in church or at some youth rally. I was in Wheaton, Illinois on a roof. I was already dirty, sweaty, tired and a bit grumpy.

But maybe, just maybe, the Holy Spirit delights in being invited into our everyday, mundane, difficult times as much or more than those other times. Maybe, just maybe, He fills us, not just for emotional times when we are surrounded by are brothers and sisters in The Lord. Maybe, His presence is needed to a greater degree when we are surrounded by the world with its problems and issues.

All I know is that He showed up. God was there with me koan that roof and I couldn’t stop worshiping.

And it was good….so good!


2 thoughts on “On the Roof!

  1. I am so reminded of this lately. Yes, God is very concerned for our everyday lives and He LOVES to hear us praise Him anywhere, anytime. It is awesome to praise Him without all the other distractions, because He proves His love for us over and over when HE shows up!! Thanks, Matthew. Love your heart!

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