What Are You Doing?

I’ve been traveling a lot lately, driving, flying in planes. So often, as I see people in their driveways, in cars beneath me, walking, riding, I find myself wondering.

See, to me, we were intended for lives of purpose.

I talked with my friend today. A hopelessness filled his voice, “I am just going to work until I die.” He doesn’t hope for great wealth, great accomplishment, a high calling.

In one sense, we are to be content with what God has given us. But God did not design us for mediocrity. He just didn’t.

He gave us imagination, creativity, artistry, intelligence. The world celebrates those who do great things, but too often only after they have nearly or completely died in their attempts. Most who dare, do so in the face of overwhelming adversity.

So do you see your groceries as a piece in the greater work of God? Do you see a purpose that goes beyond your imagination in rocking a child to sleep? Can you let your imagination run wild as you clean, as you swing the hammer, as you fight the good fight in your home?

True greatness will be judged by our King who sees so much more than we do. And, much of what is great has been built on the shoulders of those who just wanted to live, really live.

What you are doing May be determined by whether you see things as a mountain to climb or a crushing weight that will bury you.

Jesus said we should move mountains. He believes nothing can stand in our way. As I fix my eyes on Him, I believe it too.


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