Delighted by Love

Such beautiful words! Hear them and know that God loves you. He loves you so much!

Tessa Maye

I know the Song of Solomon is kind of joked about as the “taboo” book in the Bible, but when I hear people talk about it all I can remember is the deep, lasting encouragement and hope it has brought me so many times. I can always find a piece of “she” that I identify with, and then “he” responds and speaks such love over me.

I read it again this weekend, and I was smiling because it was real. I wasn’t just reading a book; me and Jesus were talking together, about what matters. It’s easy to get distracted by the little things. Many of them do matter, but so often I’m remembering them instead of the life-defining. I’m living as if they matter more than I know they do.

taken June 21, 2013 (by Sierra)I forget that I’m living a love story every step I walk.

We hear and remember that Jesus loves us, but every once in…

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