Do You Ever Wish…?

I don’t usually wish I was someone else. I can’t really remember wishing that in more than thirty years.

I’d like to play guitar like Brad Paisley or play baseball like Derek Jeter, but I still want it to be me.

My problem is that I wish someone else was me. Am I the only one?

See I walk around with my thoughts, my complacency, my apathy, the brokenness that is a part of my every moment. I find myself wishing that someone else had control of this body.

Someone else would exercise more and not have the chubby belly. Someone else would practice more and be so much better on guitar. Someone else would not have wasted all the potential that God put in me.

I’d like it to be that I just didn’t have a choice, a product of my heredity, my environment. I would like it to be someone else’s fault that I am who I am.

But then I hear the voice of God. “You are who you are because I have a special calling that only you can fill.” It makes me wonder whether we can waste our potential while we are still alive. We think of bad decisions or non-decisions as wasted potential. I think God looks at them as opportunities to recognize my potential. God doesn’t say, “you’re fifty! What a waste!” He calls to us and asks us to give our lives to Him. And anything we place in the hands of THE CREATOR can be made new, can be filled with promise, can have Holy Spirit power.

God gave me this life to live. Will I live it? Will I give it to Him?

I certainly don’t want somebody else having all the fun!


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