My Goodness!

I hear this in Christian circles. I say it myself, a lot. Does anyone know why we say this?

Right now, I work in construction. The guys there use, well, different words when something goes wrong. Somehow they seem to make more sense than a Christian saying, “My Goodness!” When I think about the best that I have to offer, the righteousness that I bring, I am ashamed. When I see King David standing on his being “blameless”, I just shake my head, knowing there has NEVER been a time in my life that I could have said those words. So how can I exclaim, “my goodness,” for anything?

Maybe that’s the point. My goodness is worth nothing, so it fits as an expletive.

I listened to the children yesterday as they sang the song, “Just Give Me Jesus.” I thought about the years ahead of them and all that they might face. And, since I had chosen the song, I thought about the gift I was giving them.

If we can get the idea, the heart concept of our need for Jesus, if we have poetry and song to remind us that all we ever need is Him, there is nothing better that I could give.

So if you are ticked at something, my goodness may be the perfect response. And if you are in need, “just give me Jesus,” should work just fine.


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