I Fed You Already!

I’d like to thank my cat for this little tid-bit of inspiration.

He gets it. I fed him 3 hours ago and he wants more. He will lie, steal, beg and cheat to get someone to feed him. He has no shame.

Humans, not so smart. We don’t get it. We turn the banquet of God’s word into tasteless rules, the power of His Holy presence into mediocre entertainment, the richness of his truth and life into the putrid death and decay of earthly wisdom, human wisdom. And, what little of him we do receive, we would give back, untouched, untried. “No thank you and you can keep that to yourself!” We want Sunday messages shorter with three easy to understand points that don’t offend. We don’t want to stand too long, or respond to anything said or sung. And we certainly don’t want to pour our money into something so distant from our hearts.

Maybe we’re afraid of looking weird. Maybe we don’t want to look crazy. Maybe we’re embarrassed by those who have stuck their necks out before. Maybe we don’t want people noticing that we are Christians because of what it would do to the reputation of our Master. Maybe we’re more concerned with our own reputation and the ability to ruin ourselves by choosing our own path.

My cat doesn’t care about any of that. He likes food. He’s hungry (or at least would like you to believe that). He wants more food.



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