He Has Done It!

I never saw this before.

Psalm 22 is what is referred to as a Messianic Psalm. That means that it was written to give us a picture of Jesus. In this case, it gives us the picture of how Jesus died on the cross. I would not have wanted to be David when he had the experience leading up this writing. I can’t imagine the nightmare of dreaming about this. It describes the crucifixion in great detail and very accurately.

What my King did for me! How could He endure His Father’s forsaking? How can I repay His sacrifice? What kind of love lead Him to give up His life like that? Why did He think I was worth that price?

I don’t know.

I don’t know….

When He died, he said the words, “it is finished.” And I think all of heaven and earth should have shouted the last words of this Psalm. “He has done it.” I envision the angels waiting with eager anticipation as He spoke those words. They knew Him better than we do. And, I see heaven breaking out into cheering that morning when He walked away from death.

That same power is at work in you and me today. I have problems that need a solution. You have things that you can not fix, can not handle. And we, as we come to Him, as we put our hope and trust in Him, will join in the cheering as we watch what He does.



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