Is Anybody Out There?

Working in the science realm for many years, I have seen a lot of atheism. I have tried arguing and reasoning with people on subjects like evolution and the hurts in the world, abortion and sin, to know avail. Apparently, my arguments, though well thought out and researched, don’t mean much to people. A blow to my pride, but I understand.

I think people have a greater need that cannot be assuaged by our intellect. My researching and study did not just confirm.the existence of God, they showed me the type of God He must be. It gave proofs for who He is, what He loves. And knowing more of this was a deeper need than knowing He was out there somewhere.

I can reason with someone that evolution is unsupportable, scientifically. But to show a God that created and then invaded His creation shows His deep desire to connect with us. It shows a love that goes beyond our thoughts of the word, goes beyond touchy-feely warm fuzziness. I can discuss the deterioration of planetary orbits or intelligent design. But what we need to know is that, despite what is whispered in our ear, He will NEVER “leave you, nor forsake you.”

I have been set free from addiction. I didn’t work myself up to it, or discipline my mind to control it. I was set free. I was healed, at the point of death, when the doctors saw no hope. I was given love, the love of my wife and children, the love of friends and family and my God, in the midst of failure, dysfunction, rebellion and hatred. I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, or worthy at any level. God just did it because He wanted me to know Him, to know He was there.

He wants you to know too.


2 thoughts on “Is Anybody Out There?

  1. Pat Hawkins

    To know and love the Lord does go beyond any our intellect can reach. My 4 years of medical research taught me some of those same lessons. As always you and your family are in my prayers

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