Would You Condemn Me?

Job 40:8 “Would you discredit my justice?
Would you condemn me to justify yourself?”

Everyone seems to look at God and see Him as this tyrant up in heaven just waiting to pounce on every sin we commit. And truthfully, without Him, we are already condemned. But I would argue where that condemnation originates from.

Humans are so much better at condemnation than anyone else. We condemn animals when they act like animals. We condemn each other through rules and restrictions, some good . . . some not so good. We condemn unbelievers for acting like unbelievers. And we condemn each other when we we fall, when we fail.

We condemn God because He doesn’t submit to our control. We blame Him for problems in the world, pain in our lives, and when things just don’t turn out the way we want them to. And for those who are truly seeking Him, I think He allows for this, our questioning, our child-like tantrums. But is He really to blame?

I think that redemption is a better word to mark our faith. I think repentance, real, Godly repentance should be what guides our walk. Our need for Him should outweigh our self-preservation. Our desire to be like Him outweigh our condemnation of others, of ourselves.


3 thoughts on “Would You Condemn Me?

  1. Bill Hawkins

    I commend you for continuing to write and being very honest in this hard time in your life. God sees it all and He will not fail you.

  2. I am sending you a song on Facebook that has such great words. May not be right on with what you wrote about, but I think it speaks to our need of worship through it all. AND I like your posts but for some reason it hasn’t shown up for a long time now. Just know I read them all and, again, love your heart for Jesus Christ.

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