What Is That!?

The shoulders of Jesus Christ stretch across the universe and bear the weight of eternity. If you get out a telescope you can see the slope of the trapezius muscle that stretches from His neck to the right shoulder joint. Get out your magnifying glass and look closely at the skin just before the point of the shoulder. There you will see the skin cells and in one of those cells is a piece of ribosomal RNA working feverishly to replicate the DNA of the organism, the body of Jesus. That small, insignificant piece, that would be me.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. The outer layer of skin is dead and keratinized so there are no functional cellular organelles. However, I should remind you that this is the body of Christ and there is no death in Him. So yes, I am alive and fully functional.

When you gaze across eternity, when you stand before the throne, my efforts will go unnoticed. Compared to the sacrifice of so many, what I have given, laid down, is so monumentally small.

I’m ok. You look a little worried. I’m not worried about who notices me. I’m not depressed because of what may appear to be a waste of a life. See, I may not have made it clear, but I am a part of the BODY. I have been living in Him and breathing in Him and nothing I do is insignificant because I am in Him.

So no one knows me but Jesus. And when people look over eternity and ask, “what is that,” if they eve notice I existed. He will look at them and say, “that’s my son.” And I’ll know He was proud.


One thought on “What Is That!?

  1. We do not know what is significant or insignificant in the eternal, but I like this message. You and I are part of the Body of Christ and so really, there is no insignificance to our lives. Thank you!

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