What’s On Your Radio?

Every once in a while, I catch my sons listening to some pop, techno crap.  It makes me so mad I could scream.  I have taught them to like good music that takes more than a nice computer to produce.  Then other days, their listening to some country song about a girl in tight jeans, “gettin’ all tangled up”, or drinking the night away.

I know!  Makes me sound like some old guy.  But the truth is, I like good music, from all eras, all genres.  I like Rap, classical, country, punk, techno, blues, and many others.  The problems I have are more with what is being said and whether any thought and effort was put into the music.

I have heard many well meaning preachers, radio hosts, talk show people and counselors that are saying things that sound so good, so biblical.  Then I was reading in 1 Kings 13 about the man of God from Judah.  God had told him to deliver his message and then return a different way home.  He was not supposed to stop to eat or drink along the way.  But an old man of God lied to him, got him to do the wrong thing and he died because of it.

I think there are people who want to help.  They want to make things better.  They want to deal with problems.  But their words are not from God.

Check this:

In the bible, what does it tell us to fear?  Just God.  Never says to fear homosexuality or political figures.  What does it tell us to hate? Sin, evil, but never people, never relationships.  Are the songs we listen to telling us to devalue women?  Are they telling us to put ourselves first and others second?  Do they remove God from our lives or make Him greater?

Everyone, and I mean everyone should be weighed on whether they sound like God or the world.  Whether their voice has the tone of scripture or the condemnation of satan.

Because…in the end…we’ll follow what we listen to.


2 thoughts on “What’s On Your Radio?

  1. I really like this one, Matthew. There is no hope or help apart from Jesus Christ and if we choose to water down anything that He did to set us free (His death, His blood, our sin), we are taking away from ALL that He did and Who He is. Because in the end, God is holy and love, He is justice and love. He hates sin and He is love. He is NOT just love that turns a blind eye and accepts everyone into Heaven. Sorry–getting away from your point, I think. Thanks for sharing.

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