“Without delay he called them…”

This is only a small part of what Mark 1 talks about but it jumped out at me.  It could be worded another way, “Without hesitation, he called them.”

I often wonder why God picked me.  I know that, right now, I’m writing.  I’m speaking out for Him, sharing LIFE with others.  But, I’ve spent most of my walk with Him just being a punk.  When He first called me, I fought Him tooth and nail, cussing at Him, telling Him “no”.  And now, by the age of fifty-one and in the world’s eyes, I’m past my prime.  I should be thinking about retirement, taking it easy and dying.  I shouldn’t even be trying to minister, that’s a younger man’s game.  And, I’ve been told, no one wants me at this point.

Maybe you’re hearing those types of words too.  “You’re divorced.  God doesn’t use divorced people.”  You’ve been in jail, God can’t use you.  You aren’t a virgin.  You aren’t smart.  You aren’t pretty.  You aren’t successful.  You have no money.  The list goes on and on.

And yet you are a christian.  You have put your faith is the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  And though you get afraid sometimes, you believe that God loves you and you trust Him.

Do you know that God did not look at you and wonder whether you would be worth the monumental investment He was about to put into you?  Do you know that God looked at you and without hesitation said, “This one is MINE!”  Do you realize that He sees your end from the beginning and knew everything about you before it ever occurred and still chose you to be His child?

Yeah, I need reminded too.


5 thoughts on ““Without delay he called them…”

  1. The amazing thing about our God is he turns ashes into beauty and he uses the ordinary to do extraordinary things through. Most of the big “heroes” in the Bible were very flawed. Moses was a murderer, David was an adulterer and basically a murderer yet we see them as great men of faith. Not because of what they did but rather what the Lord was able to do through them. We are never too old to be used by the Lord and nothing we have ever done disqualifies us from His service. Be blessed today and find a way to bless someone else.

  2. Ministering, is a younger man’s game? Wow, really? I’m sorry, but the spirit wouldn’t let me keep quiet on this one. First, let me apologize on the behalf of any Christian that have spoken those words to you beloved. I pray that you forgive them, for they know not what they do. The warmest of hugz and much love! Don’t give up on what the Spirit is leading you to do…no matter what any man says.

    How could anyone lead by God, in tune with the Holy Spirit that dwells within their spirit knowingly, past judgment on another man’s (A.k.A Jesus’s) servant? And to do so by outward appearances or past actions? I’m not saying that God doesn’t use young men or women, but to say he “only” uses them is wrong. Or to say that He only uses good looking people! If that was so He wouldn’t have used Jesus. No matter how Hollywood wants to dress Him up, Jesus was far from good looking. The last part of Isaiah 53:2 clearly states “He had NO beauty or majesty to attract us to him. NOTHING in his appearance that we should desire him.” God may use whomever He please, and most likely it wont be the vast majority first pick either, but that’s exactly how He likes it. For His ways or not our ways, His thinking is not our thinking, His seeing is surely far superior then our own. People shouldn’t look at anyone and make the same mistake as Samuel, as in 1 Samuel 14:6-7 and assume we know what God has planned, or who He has chosen to do His work.

    However, I also pray that you will never underestimate the ministering work you do right here on your blog. Which I personally think is beautiful even though that does not matter. You will never really know how far reaching your words are, until you are welcome home. Even though you my check and see how many views you may have gotten for the day, you don’t know how many of them have taking your words and shared it with others (I do it all the time). Who in turned shared it with someone else and so on and so on.

    Keep speaking the words that God has laid upon your heart, and keep pursuing the things of God, Stand on the promise that He will accomplish in you ALL that He has planned, one way or another, regardless of what any man thinks of you.

    God bless beloved!

  3. Bill Hawkins

    I am 81 and have only been really FREE for 8-9 years – and the “freedom” has been increasing over that time. God still uses me – actually more than ever before. I am not “free” to do everything. Like you, I encounter slight resistance from time to time. But WOW! you are just getting started on this writing thing and I am IMPRESSED! Do not let negative vibes or whatever stop you! Walk in the Spirit! I love you.

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