It’s Just Hair…

A beautiful story and an amazing reminder for all of us. What are we valuing? What do we cherish? Sometimes our vision is clouded and a good jolt puts things back in place.

What Matters Most


Our baby girl took it upon herself to cut her own hair this past Saturday. Not going to lie- I cried. Over the years her hair had grown long with beautiful little curls that would bounce as she bounced. When her hair was damp they were the curliest. Dry, she still had such a pretty wave. I loved those curls. So finding them all about her feet broke my heart. “Why?!!” “Why?!!” I just kept asking and crying, “Why?!”

I called my hubby who repeated the words I needed to hear, “It’s just hair.” I repeated those words to myself over and over as I had to take on the unwanted task of cutting the rest of her hair.

And as those pieces fell I felt The Lord nudging at my heart- causing me to consider the children with no hair and their parents whose cries of, “Why?!” are far…

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