Busy, Busy, Busy

Once again, life has gotten crazy, money is tight, my little world is turned on its ear.  I haven’t been able to write.  Haven’t been able to think.  Haven’t been able to breathe.

All this feels so wrong.  I keep thinking of the song by the Indigo Girls (they were popular for a short time in the late 80’s, early 90’s).

“My place is of the sun and this place is of the dark.  I do not feel the romance.  I do not catch the spark.  And I will not be a pawn for the prince of darkness any longer.”

Yeah, the emotional rollercoaster artsy people ride every day.

That’s the trouble with being busy.  We get caught in the whirlwind of activity and everything spins out of control.  We snatch and grab, trying to find some purchase, some toehold where we can gain some sense of control, some sense that life will not always be so difficult.

And being busy can medicate us too.  It can numb the pain of damaged relationships, latent wounds that lie festering in our hearts.  But it’s like taking tylenol for an aneurism.  We realize that we can’t pull it down, it won’t come under our control.  It isn’t, our life IS NOT ours to own, to rule.

So on my knees, I come to You, Lord.  I’m Yours.  You rule.  I rest. 

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4 thoughts on “Busy, Busy, Busy

  1. Very true. I am praying for you today. Praying that you would be flooded by his peace. Praying that your heart be stilled and filled. I am also thanking God for you- your eyes that are fixed on Christ. Your heart that is anchored to His. The waves may be great but I am confident that you will hold his hand and walk on those waves.

  2. Bill Hawkins

    Such wholesome thoughts follow your very “normal” observations! I am SO blessed by your writings. They seem to fit ME and say very nearly so much of what I want to say! God bless and keep you – keep you writing, also! ;0) Much love!

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