You are Pricless.

As worshipers, as children of the King, we need to remember this. We need to live this out. As people who serve, we need to remind ourselves that this is how God sees those He has placed in our path.

What Matters Most

It has been one year since God placed into our hands even greater joy. One whole year that he opened our hearts to even greater love. One whole year since our youngest son came into the world, at a time that the medical world calls early but God called perfect. One whole year since he took his first breath- since we stood over his tiny little body, watching and prayed for his lungs to get strong- thanking God for the gift of oxygen. All the sleepness nights and the many hours of rocking and hushing, nursing and changing, and staring at a tiny helpless miracle have passed.

Now there is laughter. Now there is unfettered curiosity that can turn a home upside down. Now there is eyebrow raises, mischievous looks followed by a smile. Now there are little chubby legs that bounce and kick to the sound of music. Now…

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