Strangest Thing

I left this morning taking my usual route to work.  As I came to an intersection where I needed to turn right, I found myself behind one car and a snow plow.  When the light turned green, the snow plow started to go and then stopped.  He waited for us to go around him and then continued on his way.  I thought, “why when you have the power to clear the path, an engine and traction that make it so that you will not get stuck, do you wait for two little cars to go around you?”

Then it hit me.

I want to write words of encouragement, words of hope and challenge to those who worship our Lord and Savior, my Jesus, my King.  And though you may not feel like it, you are the ones with the power, the spiritual traction to clear the path for others to see Him.  Don’t wait for them to go around, don’t let them lead you.  From the Old Testament and the New, there is a pretty clear directive for us to lead the way, to set the precedents.

I heard Him speaking to me once again.  The gauntlet was thrown down, the flag was raised.  I welcome it.  Let me follow You my Lord.  Let me stand in Your strength.


3 thoughts on “Strangest Thing

  1. Bill Hawkins

    This one is especially powerful and appropriate for me. I brought 4 new people to the event. I was so busy talking to one couple that I forgot to sign up for the next meeting. Now the event is too full and they do not need me to be there and clutter the table. They can do just fine without me. What about those people who came because of me? How will they be if I am not there? Did someone else bring 4 people? Lots of crazy questions and possible self-pity – possible true self-centeredness! WOW! Never mind my circumstances – change ME, O God! Shine, Jesus, shine! I need out of the way! You have to give me the power to rejoice in that!

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