My good friend Caleb Sunnock (rock on Cast and Crew) said something last night that I just had to share.

“Did you know that Satan will never tell it’s the right time?  You will always be too something, and he will let you know.”

You’re too young.  You’re too old.  You’re too fat.  You’re too skinny.  You’re too dumb.  You’re too sinful.  Too!  Too!  Too!

But God’s voice is so different.  He never, never, ever, ever discounts someone.  Abraham, David, Paul, Peter is a short list that, if you look at it very closely will reveal people that were definitely too something.  But God used them mightily.  God used them for His glory.

God never gives up, never fails, never forsakes.  He is in constant pursuit of you and me, our hearts, our minds, our love.  And He doesn’t care where you are or where you’ve been.  He just wants you.

This doesn’t end when you become a christian.  Eternal security doesn’t mean He checks you off on some list.  He doesn’t ever lessen His love for us.

That is TOO amazing, TOO cool.


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