Nec Aspera

What do you fear most in life?

My greatest fear is insignificance.

I want to know that my life counted for something.  That what I gave mattered to those I came in contact with.  I want to see that I will be remembered when I’m gone.  I want to feel like people will miss me and wish they had more time with me.

I have held back on many things because I had this fear.  In younger years I didn’t want to serve in children’s ministry because I felt that no one would notice, no one would care.  I wanted to be up front, spot lights shining, important.  I knew I had greatness in me and wanted others to see it too.

What a crock!

I loved Jesus.  I wanted to serve Him.  I wanted Him to notice me and say my life mattered.  I feared, so much, that I would be a huge disappointment to Him.  My fear lead me to disobey His direction, to become impatient with His leading, to listen to more and more fears.  I said no to Him because I wanted to do something better than His will, greater.

What amazes me is that He never let go, He never gave up!

Nec aspera is Latin for No fear.  A God that does not give up, despite our ridiculous ideas, our foolishness, our outright rebellion, that is a God I can trust, that is a God that loves.  That kind of God removes my fears, fills with peace, calms my thudding heart.


No one, nothing!

No one!  Nothing!


One thought on “Nec Aspera

  1. steffiedotorg

    I don’t fear insignificance. Perhaps it’s because my deepest prayer in life is that Christ will increase and I will decrease but also perhaps because I’m a woman so I fear things that hurt my heart. Betrayal most of all.

    I’m often reminded of the words of Job, “The thing I feared has come upon me.” Fear seems like a magnet at times, drawing in the very thing you want the least and pushing away the things you want the most.

    Fear is also and unfortunately all too easy. Faith? Faith is hard sometimes.. but it tends to attract the things we need and desire the most.

    What are we but animated dust? Our only hope lies in our ability to trust the One who created us and breathed His life into our lungs. That thought used to scare me and make me feel small, but the more I get to know the Lord, the more I understand ..

    How incredible it is that we are loved at all, much less by the Creator of the universe.

    It’s an honor too great to comprehend.

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