It’s all lies

First, I want to say thank you to my God for saving my life, again.  Those of you who are experiencing the cold weather should take warning that you are not invincible.  Dress warm and don’t take stupid chances.  I’ll leave you to wonder what stupid things I did.

I’m hearing those voices again.  The ones that assure me I’ll never be free from addictions.  The whispers that needle and cut, reminding me of weakness, of failure, of the cyclic patterns of my life.




One of the best things about knowing Jesus, about serving Him, is that He speaks differently.  One of the things that assures me when I hear all the scientific stuff about evolution, atheism, humanism is that, in and of myself, I would not hear any other voices.  But I do.




That is the voice of my King.  That is His declaration over me, over you, despite all that we see from our microscopic vantage.  He speaks the knowledge of how He sees me through the blood of Jesus that paid for all my wrongs.  But, He also speaks as the creator over His creation.  Declaring what will be as though it already was.

And He isn’t speaking about what He would force me to be.  He sees me as He created me, the person, the gifted, promising, still full of potential person that I am.  The person I get to be, that I am fulfilled in becoming.

Though, the other voices are so loud sometimes, I don’t believe them.  Though the evidence that I set before me tells me that they speak truth and all my hope is faulted, I choose to listen to my Father.

Am I deluded?  Am I unable to deal with reality?

If I am, then why do I feel set free by His voice of kindness?  Why do I feel so blinded by all other words?  They don’t enlighten.  They cover.  They chain.

They lie.


6 thoughts on “It’s all lies

  1. Thank you so much for your words. They are always right on time. The spirit is working through you no doubt. It’s good that we can hear the words, and get inspired and encouragement from our brothers and sister in Christ Jesus through the internet…of all places. Although we are miles apart and have never met we can still come together and share with one another. Christ said you will do even greater things then I. Well, I think this is pretty great indeed! Love, hugz, and God bless!

  2. So glad you talk of the ‘voices’. They can be so loud at times that it is a discipline to hear the other Voice. I’m so thankful that He never grows tired of my coming to Him asking, sometimes pleading, to hear HIS voice over what everything around me wants to scream. How faithful He is!

  3. Bill Hawkins

    ALWAYS to be AWARE of what we would be without Him: Ah, what a gift!! Praise His name, many hear the voices and many know about addictions and failure and how rotten we are! How hopelessly, helplessly LOST! Some (Oh, praise God! Hallelujah!), SOME know where they have come from and WHO brought them from there to here and are AWARE that ONLY HE holds them day after day! The demonic call to GO BACK has to be heard EARLY and SLAPPED DOWN instantly with no compromise, no coddling of the poor precious little thing or feeling! ONLY possible or even probable in the name and power of Jesus Christ, the POWERFUL SON of the ALMIGHTY GOD! He has shown HIMSELF! HE IS! God bless you for the beautiful things He has chosen to do through you in His infinite wisdom! You look lovely to me! By His grace!

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