Promises, Promises

Do we ever stand amazed by the fact that God promises us.  Not amazed by what He promises but by the simple fact that He promises.  And He is true to His promises.

I’m not sure we get it, and this may offend some people, but God doesn’t owe us a thing.

I watched a movie that portrayed the gods of Olympus as needing our prayers, our worship.  Without our recognition, the gods decay, grow old and lose their power.

It is not this way with my God.

If I pray to Him, I join myself to His will.  If I don’t pray, only I lose His blessing, His purpose in my life, He is unchanged.  If I sing, if I worship, He is glorified in my life, but His character, His person remains unaltered.

So, why does He promise?  Why does He say that He has blessings and hope for my life?  He could say nothing, let what He has done, on the cross and throughout creation, be enough.  But for Him, it is not enough.

What a Father, a daddy, we live for?  He wants us to know that we can depend on Him, that His thoughts are for our favor.  All because He loves us.  All because we are His children.  He promises to prove His strength, His almighty power in our lives.  He promises to prove Himself to us.

He didn’t have to.  He didn’t need to.  Oh, but I’m glad He did.


4 thoughts on “Promises, Promises

  1. These words given me are to inspire, lighten darkened nights, lift a lowly heart, speak, what may otherwise not be said. All the while knowing, it is He Who inspires, is the bringer of light, uplifts the downtrodden, speaks the unsaid. For I too have been uninspired, the darkened crumpled pile with no words nor hope of my own; invisible. And now these words, are all the encouragement my heart needs to whisper into your ear, “ I’m not alone, neither are you”.

  2. Bill Hawkins

    I am most blessed and grateful to you for carrying the torch and doing it so well! Be sure there is someone out there taking it from you (II Timothy 2:2). My love and respect for you is very deep!

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