Take My Breath Away

When was the last time the dawn caused your heart to skip a beat?  When did you last feel your pulse quicken at the melody of a song?  When was the last time the thought, the mere thought, of God took your breath away?

God can seem so distant, so austere on His lofty throne.  We can feel so, so small by comparison.  And in that distance of location, those dimensions of size and space, we can lose sight of Him.  His grandeur and magnificence can become intellectual exercises as we KNOW His vastness but lose all feeling of who He is.

When I consider that He commands stars and orbits, tells winds and waves to be still, orders the intricacies of my own anatomy, my mind is caught up in the hurricane of something too great for me to understand.  I know that, in my humanity, if I dwell on this, I will be undone as my walls of intellect and reason are torn down, the fortresses of stoicism and rationale crumbling to dust.  But then, He speaks of His love.

We can not forget the enormity of our King, His rule, His holiness, His unchallenged will.  But, it is His love, His mercy, His patience, His kindness that cause my breath to cease.  My body halting natural, unthought functions, in expectation of MORE, my brain suspending its normal tumult to hear, to feel what might come next and enjoy the wonder of His NOW.

Songs are inadequate, raised hands seem so trite.  But, what else can I do?  For when my breath returns, I can think of nothing else but to sing and dance, laugh and jump, clap and shout for the honor of living for Him.


5 thoughts on “Take My Breath Away

  1. Upon waking, you are what captures my heart, amidst the numerous distractions vying for a moment of my time. Reaching through this menagerie, your love takes me to a place where tall green grass bends softly in the wind. And as my child like innocence runs toward you, dances does my heart at the thought of serving You… this day.

  2. Bill Hawkins

    Some things have happened to me this week that made my jaw drop in awe of HIM! There is still room in this old man’s life for God to do ASTOUNDING things and bring people around who startle me with their sweet and gentle spirit of love and commitment to Him like I have seldom seen! HE is AMAZING! How does He do that? How can He still SHOCK me after all these years? How can He still SURPRISE me with a touch of His gentle hand and a brush of His touch in MY life, this life that deserves NO distinction, no recognition? How does He do that? This has been ONE AMAZING WEEK, and so late on the calendar of life! I am pretty cynical and I do not always believe what people do and say. I still do not trust THEM so much. They are too human. But ONLY HE could do what was done this time! WOW! – Dad

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