Does It Matter?

English: The symbol for chemical equilibrium
English: The symbol for chemical equilibrium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Can I believe what I want to about Jesus?  Can I make Him my own?  Does it really matter how or what I believe, as long as I am sincere?

I think it does.

In the human body, in cells, in life there are things that create what I call a dynamic equilibrium.  Electrolytes, proteins, fluid, oxygen, and many other things are constantly flowing in and out of cells.  Too much pressure on bones and they break, no pressure and they atrophy.  Nutritive intake is a balance needing levels of salt, sugars, proteins, fats and a wide variety of micronutrients.  An excess of any one part of this creates an unhealthy organism.  Too much exercise is bad, too little is bad.  Fun without discipline has adverse effects, as does discipline without fun.

What does this have to do with beliefs about Jesus?  What is the dynamic equilibrium where God is concerned?

We know God is love but is that all we need to know about Him?  He is holy.  He is truth.  He is so many things that if looked at broadly shows a perfect tension that must be maintained for us to have an accurate idea of our King.  He is sovereign but He allows free will.  He intervenes in humanity and yet allows evil to continue.  He lives inside us but is too big for the universe to contain.

I spend time enjoying certain attributes of God, tasting certain evidences of His goodness.  But He is more.

And though I can never fully KNOW Him, it matters to me and to Him that I know Him well.


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