Don’t Ever Forget Where You Came From Sons

A powerful word. The human suffering that we ignore everyday does not miss the heart of God. We may cry out, “how long oh Lord?” But we better put our hearts into action and move on the behalf of those being abused. We can’t, and shouldn’t, sit back in our content and do nothing.

What Matters Most

Went to a baby shower tonight. Met a missionary who shared with me and my husband some of what he has seen in India…

“Ten thousand” girls and women, every night, lined up on the sides of the street, some as young as 8 years-old, for men (some women, but mostly men), to pick from.

Girls and women, lined up like some product on a shelf to be purchased and used…

Ten thousand.

And these young girls end up pregnant, carrying at such a young age the children of the men that bought, used and abused them.

(Um… Let’s shake off this thought… Move on with the night… It’s so far from us anyway. Let’s change the conversation, smile and eat pink cupcakes… Conversations changed, but I couldn’t shake it. Still can’t.)

I came home… Still thinking about it.

Rocked our baby boy to sleep still thinking about it.


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One thought on “Don’t Ever Forget Where You Came From Sons

  1. I don’t know if you have seen this, but recently a Colorado newspaper published an article on the ‘rights’ of pedophiles. I had read a few months ago that this was going to start happening, but this was the first published article I had read. Since gay marriage has gone through so easily in so many states, now pedophiles are stepping out and saying they deserve the same rights to ‘love’ as they were created to love. Most research shows that pedophiles can not change and will always desire younger children, so this should be alright since there is nothing they can do about it. There are 2 psychologists from Canada who say they have done studies that show there is no ‘lasting effects’ to those who were ‘used sexually’ as children.
    All I can think of with all this is that the Lord HAS to be returning soon. How can these things done to children continue without Him stepping in. I do not have strong enough words to express the anger, horror, and outrage I feel that an article like this could even be published. The effects are lasting and devastating. We, as Christians, have to not just pray for the children, but take a stand for the children, in JESUS’ Name. Show us how, Lord, and give us the courage to do what is necessary. Forgive us for complacency and the thinking of ‘how horrible, but it’s not affecting me’. How we need you, Jesus! Come quickly!

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