Spiritual Flatulence

One of the things that writers are asked from time to time is, “how do you come up with ideas to write about?”  I will share with you a bit of my process.

I get up between 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning (the house is usually quiet at that time of day).  I read my bible for 15-30 minutes.  Then, I fire up the old ibook and clear out my mail.  Finally, I take a moment and pray, “Lord, what do you want to say through me today?”  I usually have had a cup of writer’s elixir by this time.  I may pace or just stand up but I wait.  The Lord is faithful to drop a word in my mind, a seed from which will grow the seedling of a blog or a chapter for my book.

So it is with wonder and consternation that I heard Him speak the title for today.

For those who don’t know, flatulence occurs when certain bacteria that are a natural part of EVERYONE’S digestive tract are given certain types of food they have the ability to produce gases.  Sometimes the products are innocuous, sometimes….um…

Please understand that I am not trying to be offensive, but there is a point to this.

For those who experience this phenomenon, the best approach is to not hold it in.  The richness, the nutrients that have fed us, blessed us should not be allowed to build up and cause pain.  It was meant to be shared.

God’s blessings (I can’t believe there is a comparison here) were not provided to only bless us.  They are provided to make us a blessing to others.  We must choose to allow God to move us to a point where we let others see, feel, sense His working in us.  We have to speak, be loud at times, sometimes whisper, but speak of His goodness to us, His grace.

Otherwise, we will cause ourselves, and those around us, to miss out on an even greater blessing.

Now, if this is not proof of God’s sense of humor…

PS:  Want to say thank you to all who have “liked” my blog and made comments.  You encourage me.


11 thoughts on “Spiritual Flatulence

    1. Matthew, I think one thing to remember is that God does have a sense of humor. I get what the comparisons you are making and am not making light of that. But sometimes for me, especially lately, it’s good to just be able to laugh and something and know that God is laughing, too. Besides the fact, that very often, humor helps people to remember the serious point you are trying to make. It says a lot that you are willing to suffer embarassment in order to be obedient to God’s voice in you.

      1. Too kind. Glad to make people laugh. I just kept thinking, “Oh no God, I can’t write that.” And He just kept moving me forward. This is one instance where a scientist and a writer mix allows one to say something that not many would see. Anyway…

    1. I think you have to give up on this being a serious discussion, Matthew!! Michael enjoyed it tremendously and we both had a good laugh. Sometimes you just gotta love the laughter a topic brings!!

      1. Really glad it made you laugh. Made the boys laugh too but my sweetie thinks I did it to be gross and I didn’t want to do it at all. That, of course, just makes me laugh more.

  1. Bill Hawkins

    I do NOT know which I appreciated more, your story or the comments in response to it! Especially the first one from -to silence the foe.- I just enjoyed the laughing! I have laughed quite a bit over this one! And sometimes I need that more than I realize at the time! Onward and upward!

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