The Breastplate

The Kardiophylax as it was called in ancient times is far different than the ideal we have of medieval armor.  The breastplate that Paul had in mind, when he spoke of them in Ephesians, was a round plate the simply covered the heart.  The name means “heart-guard.”  So, in other words, he was saying, “Guard your hearts with righteousness.”

I have heard people, over the years, talk about being covered by God’s righteousness.  Protecting our hearts, not with our own righteousness, but with His.  But again, I see a partial truth in this.  I guess I’m being convicted of my own responsibility in life.

I remember when I played football I was given equipment.  The shoulder pads belonged to the school, as did the helmet, the jersey, the cleats, everything.  But it was mine.  It stayed in my locker, that also belonged to the school.  I had to wash it and ask for repairs when it was broken.  It was mine and I wore it that way.

Do we so much look at whatever is good about us as being God that we accept our weakness as our own?  I can’t accept that the ever-present fact of my weakness is the reality when I am clothed in His righteousness.  I am strong because I have made His righteousness my own.

And don’t think for a second that I consider myself perfect, sinless, even Godly apart from Him.  But if I separate myself from His righteousness, I formulate excuses for my behavior.  And that just won’t fly anymore.

The breastplate was designed to protect as you moved forward.  It had no protection if you turned your back to the enemy.  So as I move toward the high calling of my Lord, my heart is covered, kept in tact by His righteousness alive and well in me.

The heart of the warrior moves me to LIVE THIS!


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