Life is Short

How do you want to be remembered?

I get caught up in the pressure and busyness of the day.  I run and push and strive and ulcerate.  It is sooooo much fun (sarcasm).

But is that what I want to be remembered for?  Do I want to be known as someone who made a ton of money?  Do I want people to know me as the guy who saved or started a company?  A business?

That’s not my hope and dream.

I want to be seen as a loving husband, a good dad.  I want to be known for my ability to see God, see beauty, see love.  I want to be remembered for my ability to care, my propensity for worship, my reckless abandon where Jesus is concerned.  I want to leave a legacy where I matter little and my King matters much.

See, life is too short for me to matter.  There are too many things of greater significance to me.  I can’t take myself to seriously when I see my position in the universe.  Do I want to matter more?  I’m not sure there is a point to me mattering.

God thinks I’m important.  He saw me among the billions and asked me to be His child.  Isn’t that enough.  I think so.

And life is too short to waste my time on promoting myself.  

Life is just too short.


One thought on “Life is Short

  1. Bill Hawkins

    This is very good! I see so many places I want to make comments. I saw one of your stories where you were concerned about getting older and having learned little or some such. And I thought, -Wow! I was 72 before God really GOT me! Yet I have never felt more used and usable by God than now…and in 11 days I will be 81! Who cares? People are needing me and God is allowing me to be of value to some people now more than ever. That is what I wanted when I was 15. Took a while and lots of abrasions but better now than never! Praise be to Jesus!- I LOVE that song about the Strong Tower by Promise Keepers. I want to sing that one! I can deal with your taste in songs. The words are powerful! You have YEARS ahead of you. I know how you feel better now than I did before. I had NO idea you were going through some of the stuff you went through. Probably wouldn’t have been able to help had I known but I wish I could have.
    Proud of you! Bless you in the name of Jesus! Dad

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