Beauty of the Lord

One of the interesting themes in song and in the Psalms is the “beauty” of the Lord.  I have never actually seen His face so I can’t say whether He is beautiful or not.

Wait!  What am I talking about?

I have run my fingers over the bark of a tree.  I have seen the microscopic intricacies of cells and tissues as they function together.  I have watched a sunrise and sat in awe as the rays of gold and orange play over the horizon.  I have stood on a mountain and seen the clouds sweeping by, rushing before the unseen winds.  Just yesterday, I saw the face of a child as he smiled, as we played and talked together.  I watched the birth of my children, held them in my arms as they grew.  Now I hold my grandson in the same way and see him loved and loving.

Am I so egocentric that I must see God’s face to know His beauty?  Am I so bound to this earth that nothing can speak to me unless I see it with my own eyes?  His beauty is fulfilled in the experience of relationship, in walking and talking with Him.  His majesty, His glory, His awesome splendor are known in my daily arguing, struggling, falling on my knees, crying out for help, despairing and knowing I have no one else to turn to.  My God is seen when I leave all I have trusted at His feet and worship Him.

And God, 



One thought on “Beauty of the Lord

  1. I have been thinking about this, too, so much today and yesterday. I am going to post a song we sang in church on Sunday to my Facebook. Hope you will listen and worship with me as we see the beauty of our Lord. Thanks, once again, for writing.

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