A long time ago, people used to take stone from the ground or a piece of wood from a tree and shape it into a god to worship.  Isaiah challenged this idea with the argument that we use some of the wood to cook our meal and some to form an idol.  This clearly shows that the “god” we have made is not in control.  We are controlling it.



But that isn’t God.  


I watch movies where God or Zeus or whatever is this all powerful, all knowing being that is affected by our prayers, changed by our actions, manipulated by our whims.  He is lessened by our unfaithfulness, ruined by our caprice, fatigued by our constant need of him.


But that isn’t God.


We want it to be God because then we are in charge.  We need Him to need us so that we are the final word on our destiny.  We push and pull and cry and scream in a vain effort to change His mind, His person, His Godliness to fit our schemes.  But He is beyond.  He is above.  He is transcendent.  


He can be moved, miraculously, by the humble heart.  He flies to the aid of the broken.  He longs for us to join with Him in all He is doing.  But He remains God.


“I will not give my glory to another.”


We will not give your glory to another!  You are God!  You are King!


The only true idol of all time has been us.  The only real thing I put before my Lord is me.


Utter, complete, ridiculous foolishness!  And I will have no more of it.

You are God and there is none besides You!  Not even me.











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