The Gifts

I think, because I can write, that God has given me special standing in His kingdom.  I know that, since I am a musician, a worship leader, that God has placed a special responsibility on me, given me a higher calling.

Does anybody else smell something around here?

Yeah, we all have gifts and callings.  You are not exempt if you have one that is less visible.  You are not worth more if your gifts are seen by more.  On the cellular level, does the hair follicle or the strand of hair have more value.

We place great importance on those that stand up front.  Many who are not up front want to be allowed to be up front so that they can then experience the importance of being up front.  This all smells of the barnyard.

If you would like to look at gifts, what makes you important, what makes your life matter, look at where you are, who you’re with, where your time is spent.  My gifts are not music or writing.  My gifts are my wife who will walk through fire with me and children, that though in their late teens and early twenties still hug me and want me for their dad.  My gifts are the children I work with, the people I work with both in church and out of church.  Let me be plain, my gifts are not the work that I do with music or with science.  My gifts are the people, the moments, the blessings that I get to experience each day.

God called some things gifts; teaching, exhorting, prophecy, words of wisdom and discernment, etc.  They are the tools he gives us for a life of ministry and even early on people wanted the showier ones.  But the greatest was love.



4 thoughts on “The Gifts

  1. Let me tell you about my gift yesterday. We had our first Good News Club after school AND we’re in the school this year, instead of in a church. More work in one way, but I think it’s going to be an awesome year! Anyway, I was exhausted before I even started because of ministry upsets over the last, especially few days. We only had 10 kids, but over half I did not know, so that was good.
    MY POINT IS…(whew!) one of my helpers set up all the crafts for me and then set up all the snacks, while I was teaching and doing the ‘upfront’ stuff. When I was with the kids at snack time she was taking everything down and putting it in my car. I don’t think I would have made it through those 2 hours if she wouldn’t have helped me so much. AND I didn’t have to ask her to do any of it! I could just smoothly have the kids go from one thing to another. Even the ‘upfront’ people have got to have those who will be the servants and didn’t Jesus say that the servant was the greatest in the Kingdom?

  2. “This all smells of the barnyard.”–Liked that comment. Well put, and I agree.
    “They are tools…and even early on people wanted the showier ones. But the greatest was love.”–I think Jesus may say it a similar way today.

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