Though I Walk Through the Valley

Dark days, dark hours.

Why do we fear the unknown?  If we’re truthful with ourselves, there are many things that we don’t know.  If we let it, we can be consumed by the fears of what we don’t know.

Oh wait, that’s what I’m doing right now.

David said, “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me.”  He was talking to God and actually had first hand experience walking through that valley.  I’m pretty sure the unknown part for him was when Saul would kill him, not if he would die.  But he says he’s not afraid.  He’s not afraid because God is with him.

I have God with me in a way that David could not experience.  Jesus died on the cross to save me and then promised that the Holy Spirit would live inside me and be my comforter.  God is in me.

And yet I fear.  Why?

I’m not going to discuss the Peter experience of seeing the wind and the waves and doubting.  I want to look at how I can face my God, my Savior and not know Him, not see Him clearly enough that I allow fear to invade my experience, to infect my decisions.

Who is God?  What is He like?  I tell you, my soul, my intellect, that He is bigger than you can imagine.  He is greater than all that would come against me.  He loves me beyond my power to understand.  He fights for me with passion and power that will consume my darkest nightmares.  I serve a God that holds me to His side, beyond reason and hope.



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