The Valley of the Shadow

David’s words have an experienced quality to them.  It could as easily have been said, “When I have walked, and will walk again, I will fear no evil.”  Did he pen these words before or after Absalom?  Before Bathsheba?  The greatest evil sometimes comes from inside us.  The New International Version says, “though I walk through the darkest valley.”  A valley where I can’t see or feel my way through.  I am walking blind.  There is no precedent or person that can guide me through.  My darkness, the struggle that I face, no one actually knows that I’m here, that I’m hurting.

In all that, we can fear no evil.  Through the struggle, the blindness, the hurts that will come from my stumbling and waywardness, I can trust.  

I can trust because You are with me.  I can rest because You know the way.  The hurts that I experience, that I cause myself are not beyond You.  You are there, even when I can’t feel You.

What a God to serve!  No other God compares to my King!  None but Jesus can claim to promise that at my worst, in my lowest moments, He will walk with me.  When ALL else fails, He will see me through.

Jehovah Shammah!  None like You, Jesus!


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