Sun and Clouds

Did you know that the sun rises every morning and sets every night?  I kid…I kid…

The sun is something that we are acutely aware of but simultaneously take for granted.  It illuminates and warms  millions of square miles of empty space being the most powerful radiant force in our solar system.  It stands about 93 million miles from the earth and, just to be clear, we rotate around it (not it around us).  Its light radiates across the vast spectrum of wavelengths from infra-red to ultraviolet.  It burns at over 27 million degrees at its core and cools to approximately 7300 degrees in the atmosphere surrounding it.  Or more simply put – its hot.

Clouds are simply water that has condensed in a layer over areas of the planet.  They may take the form of Cirrus clouds, wispy and ethereal or Cumulonimbus, vast and menacing.  And, though the sun may burn with all its intensity and power, clouds may obscure its rays, turning a day from sunny and bright to dark and foreboding.

Though scientists tell us that the sun is shrinking in power and intensity, it is a picture of constancy.  It always amazes me, when flying, how at 30,000 feet the day can be bright and clear but underneath us is what appears to be fluff.  But pass through this layer and all you can see is rain and storms.  The sun didn’t go away.  It never changed.  But we can’t see it.

So how do we live our life?  Do we live knowing that the Son is always there?  That He never changes, His radiance, His power and glory are never diminished or altered.  Or do we live by the mercurial convolutions of the circumstances that surround us?  Do we let what we see and feel dictate our perception of reality?

Now don’t get me wrong, clouds are real.  How we feel is real.  Our problems are real and their cacophony cries out for our attention.  But it is no way to live.

Seek first His Kingdom.


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