The Armor

It’s not that I want to degrade what scripture says or think that my wisdom supersedes the truths of God’s word.  I just want to make it personal….

So, I cover my head with the gel of salvation.  Not as an ornament, a decoration, but as a protective layer between my mind and what is shouted at me from the world.  My feet are fitted with the boots of the Gospel so that I run and dance and move to bring the Light of Jesus to a lost and broken world.  All that I am, all that I carry is held by a buckle that proclaims God’s truth, whether I like it or not, in the face of the lies of the enemy.  I plug in to my amplifier of faith that stand between me and the voices of doubt and fear.  In His truth, by His word, I can declare that He is to be trusted, His promises do not falter.  And I raise up my guitar of the Spirit, my voice that proclaims what God has declared in His word.  I fight against the hosts of hell with God’s gifts and armor.  And through Him, I can not be defeated.

Saul tried to clothe David in armor that did not fit him, tools that would only hinder him as he stood before the giant.  God does not clothe us this way.  He fits us uniquely for our calling in this world and we stand ready, not because of formulas or cliched ideas but because He has made us ready.  It is by His power, His Spirit that we stand under the weight of the world, the weight of our weakness and fragile souls.  We stand and say, “WE CAN NOT BE MOVED.”

And the hosts of darkness run in fear because it is God who shines through us. 

“Though a thousand fall at your right hand and ten thousand fall at your left, it will not come near you…”

We can not be defeated!


2 thoughts on “The Armor

  1. When I was teaching the kids, this past Spring, about the armor of God, the one thing that kept coming back to me over and over is that the armor has very little to do with us–let me explain that. The Belt of Truth is HIS truth, not mine, The Breastplate of Righteousness is HIS righteousness, not mine, the Helmet of Salvation is about Him and so on and so on. As I choose each day to clothe myself in Jesus Christ, I am so strong because of HIS strength in me. The Lord just keeps bringing that back to me again and again.
    Thanks for again reminding me of this. Love you.

  2. Rachel

    Like David we have to choose what we will put our confidence in… armor that doesn’t fit correctly but gives the illusion that it will protect us or to trust in God who cannot be seen but is better than the strongest best fitting suit of armor.

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