It is a good day!

I deal, daily, with children who have lost their fathers.  Some to sexual sin, some to alcohol, drugs, fear, anger, bitterness.  Some have died in war, senseless accidents, disease.  I get to see, first hand, their hurts, their brokenness, the fear that reveals itself in so many ways.

Has God gone crazy?  Has He forgotten us?  Why are these children hurt so deeply, so permanently through no fault of their own. 

And just to be clear, some of these children are no longer children.

Can I take a simple message to deal with the age old argument of pain and God’s sovereignty?  I don’t think so.  The arguments are too complex and emotions run to high for platitudes and cliches.  But I can tell you this.  God has not abandoned us or neglected His duty, His promises.

We sing a song called “Light Up the World (Desperation Band)” that contains the line, “I’m gonna believe that churches will become Your hands and feet.”  I know that God has not abandoned His children because I’m still alive.  You’re still reading this post.

See, we can say that nothing can be done to help all the hurting in our world.  We can say that it is too much to ask for me to lay down my life for the cross of Jesus.  But, that doesn’t heal the losses, the torment.  We can say that we are too ruined to be of any use, to bring any healing, but that won’t mend our hearts or stop the bleeding.

God made us to be His Body.  His blood runs through our veins.  His thoughts course through our neural pathways.  And we are alive.  This is such a gift, such a responsiblity to not look at each day in the light of what will happen to me, but to see it as an opportunity to affect our planet.  To be light, to be salt, to bring truth, to bring love, what an amazing adventure He calls us to.

It is a good day to be alive.


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