“Come to me….”

The end of a day, and everything has gone wrong.  It’s dark outside and it feels as though no one in the world knows you exist.  You take off your shoes and socks and let air hit your feet for the first time in many hours.  You step into the shower and let the water calm your twitching muscles and aching back.  As you step from the shower, you realize that you feel new again, the grime and sweat of the hours before have all been washed away.  Yet, you are tired, tired to the bone and now more than ever all you want is sleep.  As you stagger to the bedroom, still thinking about what wasn’t done, what still is waiting for you tomorrow, you feel your shoulders droop and your head hang down.  You pull back the covers and lay your body down.  The sheets are cool, the pillow soft and you sense your body melting into the mattress.  Rest.

Jesus called us to, “Come to me, all who are weary…and I will give you rest.”

This is part of worship too.  Those moments when we let go.  We are tired of the race, worn out from frustration, from disappointment, from fear.  Our bodies are beat up by cares and worries, faults and failures and we just want to lay down.  And Jesus says, “Come.”

God wants us to meet with Him, to proclaim His power and majesty in the face of all that Satan and the world shout back at us.  But, He also knows we can’t make it without Him.  That if we are not renewed daily that we will give up.  Our bodies “are but dust,” there is only so much we can take.  So we come to Him.  We rest in Him.  “You will find rest for your soul.”  Not just a cat nap for our minds but a place where all we are can let go of all we can’t control.  It is a place where we can let God be God.

We need this.  He’s the only place you’ll find it.


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