The Power of Love (part 2)

The reality of love is something so much greater than we allow it to be.  We say that love sees us values us for who we are.  This is so true, but it is incomplete.  God’s love also sees us for what we can be.  It is why he sees an addict and places things in their way, problems and blessings, to set them free.  It is why the issue of homosexuality is dealt with so harshly in scripture.  It is why sin required the sacrifice of the cross.

The adulterous man cheating on his wife, abandoning his children does not need accepted where he is.  The angry, hateful child does not need understood.  The alcoholic does not need genetic engineering to rid him of his curse.  We excuse and justify, demeaning righteousness to compensate for our weaknesses.  We placate and seek narcotics or a vast array of chemical alterations to change who we are and why we act the way we do.

God seeks to set us free.

It is sad and strange that we dress Him in the aspect of one who would keep us bound to rules and edicts.  It is sacriledge to think that He wants us to be something other than who we truly are.  Remember that “it is He who made us” – He is the designer of us and we were made with particular skills, purposes, innovations that are unique to us.  We are not copies of our parents (nor photo negatives).  And we are certainly not defined by our weaknesses, addictions, sexual tendencies or anger management issues.

Love looks at the object of its love with the ability to see past the scratches and dents, the rust and dirt, the chipped paint of the walls that we build around our hearts.  These walls that tell us what we can and can’t be.  It looks on the inside and seeks to draw us out into the light of itself where anything is possible and we show the glory of our Artist.


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