The Power of Love

What is happening with the family today?  I’ve seen so many children that are chewed up in grinder of divorce.  I see them go from happy, silly, wonderful kids to depressed, angry, addicted young men and women.  Life happens, and everything isn’t the parents fault but I can tell you what makes a difference – love.  Simple, cliched, churchy answer that somehow gets lost in the struggle to know what love is, what it looks like but the truth is, love changes the rules for everything.  So many of us have made choices throughout our lives that should leave us hopeless, despairing, giving up on what is precious to us.  But then love enters and we find a reason to go on.  The children are left with holes in them, parts of their psyche that are simply missing without a father to fill those gaps, a mother to help them grow.  But love enters and we see that our lives do hold value, we have a purpose and a destiny.

“So heaven meets earth like a sloppy wet kiss…”

The lines to a song that show so poingnantly how God shows Himself to His children.  God does not love us as a distant, aloof creator that seeks merely to draw those worthy enough to His side.  In the act of Jesus’ sacrifice we see His willingness to give all to win us.  But, in one sense, it didn’t end there.  He meets us today with touches of His love.  A song, a scripture, a word from a friend…the sunrise, a rain shower, a hand holding mine, all show that God is present and active.  But do you see that we are an active part in so much of how God chooses to demonstrate His love.  We can not solve all the world’s problems – I’m not sure we’re supposed to.  I think we start by looking for Him and believing that He is there.  Then we move to seeing the needs of those hurting around us – even though we are hurting.  As we try to find our way in this maze, we guide people along the way.  The blind leading the blind but we can feel His warmth on our face.  We speak His truth.  We tell of His love.  We demonstrate it through kindness and touching those God brings into our path.  We see His love as we show love.  Then we are joined to His heart, caught up in the whirlwind of His presence.  Then we have and give LIFE!


One thought on “The Power of Love

  1. One thing that I have been reminded of again, lately, is that God loves me for who I am, not for what I can do for Him. That sounds so simple, but is so often lost in our loving others. Getting to know a person takes effort, but that is how we show them we love them and that is how I am shown love. If my only value is what I can do for someone else, then I am not truly loved.
    I read you every day, Matthew. Thanks so much!

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