What is Truth?

Pilate asked this question of Jesus just before He was crucified.  But it is a question that haunts me to this day.  Is truth an absolute?  Is it something that can be defined?  Quantified?  I have heard so many arguments regarding this question.  Truth is different for everyone.  Your experience defines your truth.  And the arguments where one persons truth is to be accepted as absolute – “I had a vision from God, the Lord spoke to me, I have studied this scripture in depth…”  People of infamy such as Jim Jones, David Koresh.  So what is truth?

You see, if I can’t answer this question, rationally and completely, then I am betting my life, and the life of my family on mysticism, on mutable interpretation, on ethereal fantasy.  And the reality is, if I base my life on myself, humanity, religion, relationships, money – the list is long – I am left with no defined truth, nothing that is reliable.

I have heard even christians say that truth is not something that can be universal (binding for all people), exclusive (if you don’t accept it, you’re in trouble) in nature.  And I will tell you this, I’m not going to argue the point.  I will simply challenge you with this.  Do you define God or does God define God?  The Almighty, Creator of the Universe, Deity that I see revealed in scripture, in nature, in science does not bend His knee to us.  He does not change or evolve because of the whims of culture or human logic.  In fact, He does not change.  He can not be improved upon.  If you (or I) define who or what He is, if His truth is subject to me, then He is not God.  I am.  That is a God that is not worthy of my praise and honor.  But, if He stands above and beyond my critical reasoning, complete, sufficient, revealed as He chooses through the Bible and His creation, then I am left to choose whether I will submit my will to Him or walk away and yield my heart gods that are nothing, or worse than nothing.  And, should I choose to submit my heart, my will, my thinking to Him, I will find a God who is worthy of all worship and beyond my wildest dreams and hopes.


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