Super Hero

Tonight I speak to a group of young people and will contemplate the question of how God is revealed in the gifts He bestows on us.  As it turns out, I’m rather petrified at the thought of trying to enlighten anyone regarding the infinite.  My understanding of it and what it is in actual fact, what He is, may be vastly different.  What prompts me to speak is a knowledge that if I say nothing, Satan will whisper his lies blinding them further to who God is and who we are in His grace and mercy.

So many of the movies I see leave me feeling inadequate, vulnerable, insignificant.  Who can watch “Iron Man” and not wish for Tony’s billions and his suits?  How can anyone not wish for the mutagenic jump that brings about “The X-Men”?  For as long as I’ve known the character, I have desperately wanted to be “Wolverine”.  But it begs the question, “wouldn’t those gifts be more beneficial, more influential, in changing our world for the good?”  Despite the fact that those characters, and their powers, are not real, I have this feeling that the forces of evil would not quake in their presence.  But the Devil and his minions tremble before and life sold out for Jesus.  When talking to Peter, our Lord placed the victory over the gates of hell on our proclamation that He is “the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”  Human strength will never prevail against the World, Principalities and Powers or the Strongholds that set themselves up against our God.  That is one of the reasons we fall down in worship before our God.  He has already conquered and in Him, “we are more than conquerors.”  Through faith in Him we can move mountains and affect change in this world.  Only in Christ our King is there life.


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