Let’s take a walk

I became a Christian when I was sixteen years old and in my exuberance told my Savior that I would do ANYTHING He wanted.  I first went to serve at a summer camp (Miracle Mountain Ranch – great place for kids) where I worked as a “Cowboy” leading trail rides and helping with horsemanship classes.  All well and good but I wanted to do “ministry”.  “I’m willing to do anything,” I would say over and over in my prayers.  “Can you lead a chapel service for the kids?”  I was asked by the person in charge.  “I guess so,” came the obligatory, unimpassioned response.  So with half my heart and 15 minutes of free time I plagiarized something for the kids.  I spoke to them as one who knew all and as one who would impart my wisdom to them.

Can you say bomb?  Catastrophe?

Well yeah….This is not what God “called” me to do.  I’m no good at dealing with little kids and they don’t “get” my level of wisdom and understanding.  The audacity of a prideful 16 year old.

I would not get many opportunities to preach to my equals in the life I have lived.  God just kept shoving me into things with kids.  And every time I considered it a waste of my time and talents.

I am so ashamed to document this for any to see.  Thank You for Your grace on mercy on me.  What I wasted were the opportunities to share Your love and life with so many precious people.

But You never gave up on me.

You never gave up.


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